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03 Feb

Check the social media page of any top recruit between August and the end of January, and chances are you'll find a picture of a cookie cake.

The pizza-sized cookie, precisely frosted around the edges, almost always bearing the name of a college, is ubiquitous this time of year.

So I think they appreciated something different."Each year, schools spend millions on recruiting -- even flying helicopters to high school games -- but as coaches race to be ahead of the pack and focus group which desserts to serve their recruits, the original titan, the cookie cake, can't be forgotten.

The company also has its place in cookie cake recruiting lore.

In 2014, South Carolina self-reported a minor NCAA violation for putting recruits' names on cookie cakes. With social media, most of what a recruit sees during his process and thinks is exciting will be posted to his accounts. While the cakes began humbly, as a personal touch on recruiting visits, the publicity has made them a staple, almost a requirement, for every recruiting visit.

The human side of recruiting is how I would put it, that it's nothing fancy, but it made things a little more friendly."At the time, all West Point cadets were receiving boodle boxes, which were essentially goody bags full of snacks and treats.

It wasn't easy to get off campus, so a woman named Angela, who worked in the kitchen at West Point, put together boodle boxes for the cadets.