James roday dating juliette

21 Sep

‘Psych’ for example was an adored show starring James Roday who broke a lot of hearts not just by ending the show but also breaking off with one of his co-stars and also putting an end to an audience loved couple.

His father was an investment banker and the CEO of Frontenac Company located in Chicago, while his mother is a member of the family who owns one of America’s top investment companies – Laird Norton Company.

Her other outstanding performances cuts across movies as well as television films.

She starred in sitcoms like It’s All Relative, Crumbs, Inside Schwartz, and was also in the television movie Nancy Drew alongside Jill Ritchie, Charlie Finn, and many others.

They met and fell in love on the sets of ‘Psych’ as they were shooting.

They had started dating from 2006 and dated for more than 7 years.