Lina and mark cams

20 Nov

” which I agree with, especially when you’re talking to a class of 100 new mountaineers. After an intense research mission on the subject, it seems that there are just 4 main ways to mark your gear: tape, enamel, writing utensils, and permanent alteration, although there’s many sub-categories of each.

But I never hear this statement followed up with how to mark gear. If you don’t want to totally Overall: the best tape is the thinest, stretchiest tape you can get but still has a strong durability.

Two colors almost completely ensures a lack of confusion with your partners gear.

One unfortunate is that tape does not last forever and you may inadvertently leave trash in the mountains (and also need to re-tape, with the hope that you have the same colors on-hand).

However, having a question marked as a favorite by enough users does make you eligible to earn certain badges.Marking a question as a favorite allows you to easily check back and see when updates are made to the post, and can function as a simple bookmark for questions you might want to reference again in the future.There is no limit to the number of favorites you pick.Note: Permanent alterations would last longest, but are not recommended for most people so they’re not on the final list. We all know that the grams start to add up pretty quickly.Reply […] knowing it will probably leave at least some sort of “micro” trash in the mountains.