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04 Sep

Her main activism was around her own situation and others like hers, plus a lot of stuff around the Swedish Model.Caty: The Swedish Model criminalizes the clients of sex workers in Sweden. Pye: The biggest overall result is the increased stigma. Legowelt – Etherial Techno Music Will Never Die D2. Second Storey – Oxygene American soul, Nigerian-style Afrobeat, and of course jazz make up the foundations of The Souljazz Orchstra’s sound, but as prodigiously skilled musicians and prolific listeners, the Orchestra regularly incorporates other sonic reference points into their compositions. David Clement – Follow Me Home (Lee Jones Remix) D1.Pye Jakobsson: Jasmine contacted me around three years ago, just after the local council took custody of her kids.

“With this in mind, I approached all my nearest and dearest for some tailor made exclusive tracks.

Check out this ’94 Ford Bronco, which has a full 2013 SVT Raptor conversion – complete with the long travel suspension, 6.2L V8 (and drivetrain), and full interior swap.

This is one of the most impressive swaps we have ever seen.

But the music, as typified by up an front raw recording style, a razor sharp rhythm section, and the prominent baritone saxophone work, is immediately recognizable as a Souljazz creation.

On “Kingdom Come,” one of the many highlights from their new album , there’s a distinct flavor of Ethio Jazz, as popularized by Mulatu Astatke.