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05 Oct

“Aan Nurses Bureau”, are one of the well known organizations engaged in providing Nursing Manpower Solutions in Mumbai.These services are applicable in varied hospitals, private clinic and households.

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Patients, watchers, doctors and even your co-nurses would automatically jump to conclusions that you are either homosexual, or incompetent for the job, or both, if you are a male and you pursue nursing as a career.Some men shy away from the nursing field because of the perception that this is a field dominated by females. As a male nurse myself, here are some of the hardest things about being in the nursing profession.Quality of health services is an essential factor in terms of health care access.Recognizing the need for more male nurses has led the American Assembly for Men in Nursing to run a campaign called 20 X 20 in order to recruit more men into the nursing field.Masculinity Maintenance Male nurses face role traps and sex typing almost everyday.