Mature dating younger men

16 Nov

While you might want to pursue sports and socialise, a mature lady might want to continually broaden her horizons through culture, art and travel.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having different interests, but you should be prepared to spend a lot of your free time apart from one another.

To give your new relationship the best chance possible of success, it’s important to understand what makes a mature lady tick.She'll unintentionally hold him to the same high standards to which she holds herself.With a younger man, however, she'll just want to see the potential for success.If men mature at 43 and women at 32, why do successful women date younger men? A new study on maturity suggests that men don't mature until age 43, while women mature by age 32. If a woman has focused much of her energy on building a successful career, she'll likely want a partner with a similar degree of success.This won't come as a surprise to most women, yet many successful single women choose to date younger men. However she defines that success, she'll have particular expectations of a man who is about the same age.