Meagan good dating 50 cent

30 Oct

In fact Ralph & Russo are to be the first British couturier for over 100 years to show at Paris Couture week in 2014. Bespoke means expensive of course so let's check out the virtual high street for a similar showstopper instead.

AX Paris has a great maxi dress with all over sequins, long sleeves, thigh split and plunging neckline just like Meagan's but at £60 you know it's only a fraction of the price.

The grin didn't seem to want to leave Meagan's face, as she joined her moment in the spotlight in London on Wednesday night, as she no doubt knows her star will grow brighter in Hollywood, now that she landed a covetable role in the most anticipated comedy of the year.

The American actress has a long history on the small and silver screen, but most recently landed the lead role in NBC's Deception, as Joanna Locasto, an undercover detective who returns to the wealthy family home she grew up in as the maid's daughter, to solve the murder of the heiress who was once her closest friend.

And Coast has a great gold maxi with gathered front that will be perfect for a sophisticated Christmas party.

Style with stand out high heels and a flash of red lipstick and if you go for a deep V neckline, do not forget your sticky tape!

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“I did not want to jeopardize us not having the strongest foundation possible,” the 37-year-old tells The Post.“Me being married to a man of ministry, people saw me as a first lady of the church, and said I should now conduct myself in that manner,” she says.The TV and film star wore a rick red lipstick and a flick of black eyeliner to complete and pulled her dark hair up into a dramatic quiff to complete her screen siren look at the premiere, in association with Jameson.She confessed her recent decision to him, and was surprised to learn that Franklin was 10 years into his own celibacy — and also a pastor. I do not feel like there is anything wrong with clubbing, drinking and having a good time, but many people in the church community do not feel that that is appropriate.They tend to be very judgmental, religious and narrow-minded,” says Good.