Melove dating

09 Jan

Living with someone’s food allergies can intensify squabbles over cooking and cleaning.

The last man I lived with ate eggs and cottage cheese daily, despite my deadly allergies, and I could never bring myself to help him by offering to pick up his groceries.

My ideal meal is sushi, because the ingredients are usually simple and consistent.

But I worry about how I’ll run a household for kids who don’t share my allergies. That fateful point in the evening when we all sat down to play Spin the Bottle.Imagine my frustration when he said, sadly, “I can’t kiss you.People with food sensitivities fall in love like everyone else, but our dietary restrictions create some unique anxieties.So for the e Harmony community, I thought I’d share the view of how a romance goes from single to serious—as seen through the eyes of an allergy girl.