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07 Nov

17.6%; In Amsterdam, chemsex is frequently practiced and significantly associated with bacterial STI in HIV-negative MSM but not in HIV-positive MSM. A first visit of a client was included in the present study and repeated consultations in the same client were excluded.

Future prevention strategies to reduce STI incidence should especially target HIV-negative MSM engaging in chemsex. Because all data were anonymous and the clinical data were routinely collected, ethical approval was deemed unnecessary for this study. In addition, users of an online dating app (Grindr) were offered a chemsex survey for 2 days during the period of the Europride festival in the summer of 2016 in Amsterdam.

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From the *Public Health Service of Amsterdam, Department of Infectious Diseases; and †Department of Dermatology and ‡Amsterdam Infection and Immunity Institute (AI&II), Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Acknowledgments: The authors thank Michelle Kroone for setting up the database and Bart-Jan Mulder and Elske Marra for the support in developing the online survey. Besides routinely collected data from the electronic patient files of the STI clinic (age, ethnicity [ethnicity was defined according to Statistics Netherlands on the basis of country of birth, maternal and paternal country of birth], reason of visit, HIV status, sex of sex partner, condom use during anal sex, number of sex partners), health care workers collected data on the use of crystal methamphetamine, GHB, and/or mephedrone during sex in the past 6 months.With over one million users, the service hosts one of the largest and most popular location-based dating apps on the i Phone and Android markets.Features like private chat, private blog access, search filters and flirt buzz (which tracks who around you is hooking up) allow you to connect with only the people you to meet, making this app a solid favorite among the online singles audience.What do you think about the future of mobile connection?What's the best location-based dating app you've encountered on the market?