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25 Jan

With practice and experimentation, this will come naturally. But if you come in outside that range – say you’ve just gotten off the plane and your ears are plugged and you don’t realize how loudly you are talking – you will quickly and instinctively give yourself the feedback you need to change... When you’re too loud, you might notice other people looking in your direction more than usual, you might notice your friend shifting his head back and looking less relaxed, or you might feel a difference in your chest.When you’re being too quiet, your friend will lean in to hear you, he might look like he is concentrating on what you’re saying more than normal, and so on.

Well because if you apply this technique correctly, you will trigger the attraction mechanism in every And they will be entirely helpless for your advance.

Every routine in the Routines Manual is introduced with an explanation of when and how to use it, and from these descriptions you can pick out a few routines that will make you seem more nice and less nice and adapt them for your own reality.

The honey trick to date beautiful women changed my life in many positive ways. Imagine for a moment that you could change the dynamics of the dating process to your favor.

All of these are feedback mechanisms that let you modify your behavior.

And they work, because you have lots of experience with being too loud or too quiet in normal social situations and have learned to modify how you present yourself. With any change you make, take it to both extremes (too much and too little) and get used to where the boundaries are.