Non negotiables in christian dating

28 Sep

We’re all familiar with the infamous ‘list’ when it comes to dating.

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These are the patterns of behavior in the relationship that either you can deal with (negotiable) or you can’t (non-negotiable). It’s okay to be honest and list those things that others may consider superficial; after all it is your list and your life.As described by Dick, non-negotiables are the things you are not willing to give up in a relationship. Regardless of scope, they are non-negotiables because you do not sacrifice them.A non-negotiable can be anything from spending Christmas at a specific relative’s house, only getting one breed of dog, or never living in a certain city.And as one of the senior members of this group, Dick was a man I admired greatly.It was during one of our curriculum planning sessions, surrounded by business men, that Dick passed down the best relationship advice I have ever received.