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20 Oct

Similarly, Circle board member Raj Date had earlier replaced the sainted Elizabeth Warren at the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.A Berkeley grad who went to Harvard Law, Date is steeped in the thorny realm of financial services regulation.A camera obscura device without a lens but with a very small hole is sometimes referred to as a "pinhole camera", although this more often refers to simple (home-made) lens-less cameras in which photographic film or photographic paper is used.Rays of light travel in straight lines and change when they are reflected and partly absorbed by an object, retaining information about the color and brightness of the surface of that object.Jim Breyer led the first institutional round in Facebook in 2005 and an early round in Etsy in 2008 and joined both company’s boards.With that track record, his leadership of Circle’s Series A and membership on its board signaled to other investors that Circle was serious about its ambition to use crypto to compete with Paypal and Venmo.That’s the opposite of Poloniex, which lists a mind-boggling 68 different tokens. Poloniex has done an effective job of informing its users of possibly troubling issues, which is critical for an exchange known for listing so many obscure coins.

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At first blush, the matchup is at least somewhat surprising.

The human eye as well as those of other animals including birds, fish reptiles etc.

works much like a camera obscura with an opening (pupil), a biconvex lens and a surface where the image is formed (retina).

For example, after initially allowing several accounts to be opened by a single user, the company now permits only one account per verified user.

It sets limits on daily withdrawals similar to those found at other exchanges.