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08 Jan

You (the parent) and the instructor must sign the statement on your teen's permit certifying that he/she has completed the supervised training.The signed permit must be returned to DMV before the driving test may be taken.Teens show the most improvement within the first year and 1,000 miles of driving. Whenever you have a practice driving session, be in the "practicing mood," which means you are ready, well rested, and have sufficient time.They continue to improve through their first 5,000 miles of driving. Talk to your teen about avoiding the following high-risk driving situations: The graphics below illustrate what can happen in a collision: Note: Lap-only belts increase the chance of spinal column and abdominal injuries-especially in children.Teen drivers are involved in more motor-vehicle collisions than any other age group for a variety of reasons, including: Young age/lack of maturity: Teens make more judgment errors than other age groups.

Information regarding the law and driving tests are found in the Driving is potentially dangerous for everyone, but more so for young drivers.The use of a seat belt reduces the chance of being thrown from a vehicle in case of a collision.Note: Children 8 years of age and older must be properly secured with an appropriate safety belt.Risky driving behaviors: Teens may engage in risky driving behaviors, such as speeding, running red and yellow lights, running stop signs, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, and misjudging the capability of their vehicles.Distractions: An inexperienced driver is challenged by driving distractions.