Pennsylvania grants for consolidating fire companies

15 Jan

Consolidation would, Presston officials contend, cost taxpayers more and limit response time to fires, according to a letter sent last week to neighborhood residents."To keep us open, they would have to spend ,000 per year and pay to insure our two engines.

In exchange for that convenience, ambulance companies would be prevented from sending bills to patients in an effort to collect the difference between the company’s full price and the amount paid by the insurer.

The administration is also reducing the clearances to each for affected employees.

The measure also allows employee clearances to apply for any additional paid position the employee holds, a portability measure already in place for volunteers.

HB 911 Funding for 911 Centers /Signed by Governor A bill to raise millions to fund 911 emergency call centers is headed to Gov.

Tom Wolf following final passage in the Legislature.