Php reload page after updating record

13 Apr

If you interested go to Volume II of ajax refresh with working example If you need basic idea of Auto refresh see post: “Refresh content automatically after some period time – j Query“.In one of my application modules in my engineering thesis i had to ensure that end users always have current list of messages.If the wish is edited, the value of the hidden field must change to the ID of the wish.To create this hidden field, add the following line to the top of the Now you need to update the code that verifies the input data and inserts the wish to the database. The current document is a part of the Creating a CRUD Application in the Net Beans IDE for PHP tutorial.My SQL users: Click here to download the source code that reflects the project state after the previous lesson is completed.

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Finally, if the Server Request method is neither POST nor GET, which means the Add New Wish use case takes place, the elements are empty.It was very important because messages can be edited, hidden, published again, and a user does not have time to remember to refresh the page. I set the time after which page must refresh and everything is working as intended.Because of a specific character of the user, that time cannot be shorter than half a minute.Page is reloaded only when these values are different. And most important, user will not want to shoot me ;o)PHP, HTML, prototype In Because messages are stored in the database, when creating a table i’m automatically adding the row with id=1 where i store my counter.With every modification of entries like: edit, delete, add new, archive, etc – the value in dedicated column will be increased by one.