Pinoyhotguys teen dating violence report

18 Jan

😊 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💡IDEA To present a powerful and relevant question to diverse strangers and capture their unique answers/perspectives. Follow Getting my Oxygen fix 🍃 Did you know plants, including our fruit and veg continue to breathe long after they’ve been cut or picked?For this week we’re raising awareness of Mental Health in conjunction with by asking the question - “How do you currently deal with stress? It looks like someone made a cup of coffee in there in 1955 or so, and no one went in again for all these years. these are the things that are not only of decorative meaning, but also become a conversation piece. The longer between when they’re harvested and when they’re eaten means the less nutrition the fruit or veg has to offer. i paired this look with this cute oversized clutch from @giginewyork use code summerfun for 20% off your purchase 💕💕 . such amazing girls-so supportive, so friendly and so flipping stylish! and also thank you to my fab mum who leant me her new @zara dress! now available at both manchester and gloucester bases.


I challenge you this week to do something out of your “NORM”, speak to a new person, order something you never ordered, go somewhere you’ve never been, and help someone you don’t know.

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🙈 And since I was left alone in the island, I had a chance to do one of my hobbies -- photoshoot.

You never really know who you may inspire, don’t over think it.

Just fuckin’ OWN it, you got this 💯🙌🔥 All the best - Charles Let's try to win over fear.