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03 Jan

The possibilities of how you might use water in a garden are almost endless, from the magnificent fountains of Renaissance Italian gardens to the vast canals of Versailles, but in truth it’s extraordinary how little you need to dramatically enrich and transform your garden.

Just a splashing tap falling onto pebbles or a little container on a patio with a few delicate aquatic plants can be exquisitely beautiful.

All of these different kinds of water features can be reduced down to a micro scale and created in your garden within a small container.

A bubble of water rising up through cobbles placed in a pot sunk in the ground always looks terrific and a tub lined with plastic makes a fascinating little pond. Whatever kind of garden you have, from a tiny back yard to rolling acres, there will be a way of adding that magical element of water into your garden at home.

Of course, water has been valued as a garden feature from the very earliest gardens known to man.

Formal canals and lakes, bounded by hard materials set in geometric or straight lines, add grandeur and elegance to a garden as well as playing a much under- rated role in reflecting light and the ever-changing sky.

Some will live happily without ever touching soil and others are as at home in a normal border as in the boggy margins of a pond.

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The scale can be adjusted infinitely to suit your garden and your pocket but the pleasure is the same however you go about it.

Over the next four weeks I will be looking at different ways of introducing water into your garden, from a wildlife pond this week, to formal water features, fountains and streams and container water gardens.

In winter the birds washed themselves in it to enable their feathers to fluff up as much as possible against the cold.

Herons would spend hours trying to catch the goldfish but, like us, they hardly ever saw, let alone caught, them.