Romance online dating scams

16 Jul

Remember, people are not always who they say they are online.

If you are 'friends' with people you don’t know, be especially careful about the amount of information you reveal - and take care if you choose to meet them in person.

The Safety Meet Up ID conversation: I understand you’re afraid babe but I went to the same process too and I can assure that this site I am on is legit. And I’ll be honest with you babe, getting and ID will cost you 15 pounds. I am telling this coz I don’t want to lie to you honey,, as I want you to trust me.. with a lot of crime, bullying and rape happening its good to be safe than sorry, thats why i decided to get my own Security Dating Record and be able to meet safely.…alright, but b4 we meet I do have 2 conditions.. just between you and me…2nd i want to make sure first that i am safe with you and your safe to meet, is that ok with you?

i hope you understand my concerns for being a girl, i just wanted to be safe and happy, I hope you will show me you are serious. The Dating Security Agreement conversation: Okay listen sweetie �� I am a member of a Dating Security Agreement the essence of this is will detect who I am, � and who am I with,� so whatever happen to me the site will know, and if ever something bad happen to me the site can contact the Authority quick,�� i have to ask you to be a member of this arrangement site i am on, this is not only for me but for your own safety too.

If you have nothing to hide then message me back then I’ll give you the instruction on how to get the APPROVAL ID okay? Here’s the Link on the Discreet Dating Site and instruction on how you will get an Approval Number . If you are interested i can send the full procedure on how to be a member of the site.

Unfortunately not everyone is as nice as they first appear online and there are people who use social media to embarrass, harass or attack others, and steal personal information and identities.

Certain types of scams are also more prevalent on social media platforms – such as dating and romance scams and fake online retailers. Following a few rules and learning about how your social media platform handles and displays your information can help reduce risk when socialising online.