Rules for dating a derby girl

21 Jun

Violence is a pretty credible sanction in roller derby because the sport itself is violent, and thus retaliation can be disguised within the normal flow of a derby bout.As a couple derby girls put it: “[T]here‘s no laws in place – you don‘t even have to register your derby name – it‘s COURTESY.If you prefer to get a little more up-close-and-personal with the skaters, you can sit in the suicide seats at the edge of the track.But beware - they are called suicide seats for a reason!The result is widespread compliance with the Roster system.But, in the few cases that reputational sanctions and shaming don’t work, there’s always violence.In the words of The Clown, IF YOU DON' T KNOW, ASK The Charlotte Roller Girls provide a team of "Ask Me" girls who circulate the venue and are available to answer any questions you have about the game.You can identify these girls by the signs they are holding that say "Ask Me About Derby".

GETTING TO GRADY COLE Below is a Google map to help you find your way to the arena.

And the social norms that accompany it allow the Master Roster to stand in for legal protection.

The result is a cheap and efficient system of private regulation.

MAKE LOTS OF NOISE Remember - the more noise you make, the faster we skate.

Don’t be shy about bringing noise makers of all kinds to cheer on your skaters. The most important part about attending a Charlotte Roller Girl bout is to have fun.