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01 Oct

But of late, Azerbaijani officials have started to enforce a 1996 migration law that restricts the right of foreign citizens to be in Azerbaijan to 90 days.A stay longer than 30 days also requires registration of the individual’s residential address with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.Prominent editors say they have no choice but to apply for the money despite the conflict of interest and other drawbacks, namely the risk of self-censorship.Until this autumn, ethnic Azeris could come and go relatively unhindered. k Britaniya kimi A�lk E�l E�rin iri h E�rbi-s E�naye korporasiyalar A� h E�rbi s E�nayenin son nailiyy E�tl E�rini n A? Haz A�rda dayanm A�AY oldu AYum stend Az E�rbaycan m A? ruru olan h E�rbi t E�yinatl A� texniki vasit E�l E�r n A? Milli stendimizd E� Quru Qo AYunlar A� v E� HE�rbi-Hava QA? susi t E�yinatl A� zirehli ma AYA�n v E� onun t E�rkib hiss E�sini t E�AYkil ed E�n pilotsuz u A�an aparat A� diqq E�timizi A�E�kir. rkiy E�, Rusiya, Pakistan v E� Fransa da daxil olmaqla, 34 A�lk E�nin 216 h E�rbi s E�naye sah E�sind E� ixtisasla AYm A�AY n E�h E�ng AYirk E�tl E�ri t E�msil olunur. rkiy E�nin “Roketsan”, Rusiyan A�n “Rosoboronexport”, el E�c E� d E� Pakistan, A�srail, BA�y A? n texnika v E� silahlar, h E�rbi aviasiya, hava h A? Onlar A�n aras A�nda h E�rbi s E�nayemizin E�n yeni m E�hsullar A�ndan olan “AZAD” x A?

Aliyev ran Azerbaijan for long periods both before and after the end of Soviet rule.

Fines range between 300 and 400 manats (2 to 0).

Transition Onlineby Shahla Sultanova 30 November 2012In recent years ethnic Azeris in Georgia have grown more willing to integrate into Georgian society, as both the economy and people’s faith in government slowly recuperated.

Indeed, since 2010 the government has handed out millions of dollars to newspapers and other outlets through the State Support Fund for the Development of Mass Media.

For many news outlets, the aid is the only thing keeping the proverbial presses running in Azerbaijan's anemic advertising market.