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14 Apr

It makes them the big shots we always knew them to be, as demonstrated by a scene in which they ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. Fast-forward another year and we see Sarah chained up in the basement of Fangtasia, where Pam and Eric are selling her for one-minute blood-letting sessions that cost 0,000 each. And they lived happily ever after First up, Jessica and Hoyt get married, so that Bill can be there to give his "daughter" away. To wit: At the wedding, Sookie can read his thoughts for the first time ever. ' I was never really sold on Nicole as a viable option for Sam, and, you know, women sometimes die in childbirth — especially on TV. While I bristled at Beardo's anonymity, however, I totally rocked out to the series' final outro, the inimitable "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin.

I actually thought this information might lead us to a-like turn of events in which Bill, instead of dying, becomes a real boy again. I, for one, am grateful for the years of entertainment provided. How would you have preferred for the series to end?

We’ve got the lovely Jason, Warlow, Eric, Bill (for however long the show keeps them all around), and even Jessica’s new vamp pal for that, and it hasn’t exactly been Sam’s raunchy scenes that have stolen the show anyway.

The most endearing Sam Merlotte moments are those when he is doing what Sam does best: being the familiar face and friend of the town. Whether it’s the flashback to his hiring of Terry during his PTSD hysteria or the frequent quippy scolding of Lafayette for pouring bottomless shots of tequila, Sam is the best version of himself when he is not clouded by estrogen.

Sam has already put the innocent liberal advocate and her mother in danger, and Nicole has little knowledge of the supernatural creatures with whom she continuously tries to involve herself.

By all means, if the 23-year-old wants her baby, have the baby. Maybe Nicole should take advantage of those plane tickets, move home and work together with her mother and Sam’s support to raise the baby, but leave some time for him to get back on his own feet simultaneously.

If we take a look back at his run-ins with other shifters along his plot trajectory, the Mickens family was hardly a healthy outlet, Daphne was revealed to be Maryann’s shifter servant and a chess piece in his attempted sacrificial murder, and Luna introduced yet another complicated family element into Sam’s life, along with an entirely new breed of supernatural something or other, the skinwalker.

With a loyal pup by his side, Sam can still communicate and have a pal to let loose with.

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And I’m not opposed to a bromance between the stocky werewolf and the compassionate coming to a close, and the numerous deranged plot lines have shown fans just how far most of our staple characters have strayed from their simplicities of season 1.Although it is impossible to define any character as “normal,” there are a handful (a small handful) of Bon Temps regulars that, for quite a while, seemed to satisfy that homegrown, sense-of-comfort presence in their little Louisiana bubble.But the show has already taken many “artistic” liberties, and it’s unpredictable at this point where her heart will eventually settle.Why not avoid the Sookie temptation altogether and instigate a cordial breakup between the blonde and the bar? In episode 8, Sam shoved a snappy reality check in Sookie’s face when she hinted at her lingering feelings for her old friend.