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30 Mar

Then I take it out again and spray it a couple more times. Although the dry down is vanallic and soothing, the opening is too off-putting for me to care for this scent. Right after spraying I could feel some spices and liquorice and I was confused, overwhelmed. The poison also needs time to work - real poison has to enter your bloodstream and crawl through your veins till the neurotoxin reaches the depths of your mind. I have walked many kilometers in summer heat just to be able to have it - I couldn't wait till next day. I don't detect any particular complexity, I just know that I get a little lift every time I wear it. I really loved this vanilla, coconut and almond perfume from the start, but I find the fragrance not suitable for any other time than wintertime. A really unique fragrance that always drew lots of wonderful comments and compliments.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. I recently scored a 1998 version of Hypnotic poison. But the 1998 version even though similar it has a different feel. I can smell cherries, lots and lots of them and loads of almond and woody undertones.The original had way fewer notes: Caraway Vanilla Bitter Almond Jasmine Sandalwood (? Still, I can rest assured that spraying 3-4 spritzes twice a day won't offend the most persnickety of friends, family, and co-workers. 20 years later, and I finally catch on to the craze..for good reason.A generous Fragrantican gave me a sample of the vintage, which was love at first sniff.Guys, this is huge, because almond is one of my least favorite notes.I also compared it side by side with the current offering at the Dior counter, and while almost identical, the vintage had just a little more powerful vanilla.