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14 Feb

Join our dogging community here now, we have thousands and thousands of other doggers waiting to meet you. If you know of any not listed then then please send them to me on twitter to feature.But you are of course welcome just to turn up and take the risk of of a meeting or disappointment. Equally if you know that a dogging spot has closed then also then please send them to me on twitter to feature.Mermaid’s website contains a range of resources for professionals, parents and children.

It is designed to be used alongside existing Department for Education statutory guidance for schools from Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH) raise awareness of emotional health and helping young people to realise when they need to seek help (suitable for key stages 2 and 3).

But we do recommended pre-arranging meetings with other doggers.

Most doggers now, because of bad publicity and various dogging news items that have happened to dogging since it hit main stream news, now pre-arrange meetings to avoid disappointment.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of child abuse involving children and young people receiving something, such as accommodation, drugs, gifts or affection, as a result of them performing sexual activities, or having others perform sexual activities on them.

It can occur without physical contact, when children are groomed to post sexual images of themselves on the internet.