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17 Feb

As Neil Bush went from one venture to another, tarnished by his role in the 1990 Silverado S&L scandal, his wife, Sharon, couldn’t understand why she had to worry about the grocery bills.

Wasn’t he the son of America’s 41st president and brother of two governors?

Silverado collapsed partly because of two Denver real-estate tycoons, Ken Good and Bill Walters, who could not repay money borrowed from Silverado.

The two had supplied virtually all the money for Neil Bush’s flailing oil-drilling company, JNB Exploration.

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Her snowy-haired veteran trial lawyer, David Berg, had told her she didn’t need the stress of the courtroom, even though the hearing that day would be rapier-quick, taking just over an hour. Sharon is both physically and emotionally the shell of the woman she was two years ago.Along with other members of the Silverado board, Bush—then only 35—was investigated by the U. Office of Thrift Supervision, which found that he had engaged in “breaches of his fiduciary duties involving multiple conflicts of interest.” Neil and 12 associates settled a separate, 0 million negligence lawsuit filed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation against the Silverado board and others for .5 million, of which Neil contributed ,000.(Most of the settlement was covered by insurance.) He has consistently denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he was caught in a political battle, thanks to his father’s presidency, but his political aspirations were over.Grace was founded by Jiang Mianheng, the son of the former president of China, Jiang Zemin, and Winston Wong, the son of plastics magnate Wang Yung-ching, thought to be Taiwan’s top tycoon. Neil has also been receiving a ,000 annual fee from the Crest Investment Corporation, an investment firm run by Syrian-American businessman Jamal Daniel, a longtime friend of the Bushes’ who also happens to be a principal of New Bridge Strategies, which helps clients win contracts to rebuild Iraq.Critics have been swift to point out how Grace might benefit from a relaxation in U. Neil’s duties are mainly, according to Neil, “answering phone calls when Jamal Daniel …