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27 May

There was some teasing back and forth, but Conrad displayed no nastiness and did not torment Michelle.

Their messages on Facebook were often playful and at times loving.

We are just counting down the days until graduation!

Any suicide is likely to have several causes coming together in an overwhelming fashion.

They were also unaware of his extensive research into how to commit suicide, his additional attempts, and his compulsive, continuing suicide planning, all described in texts to Michelle.When the police arrived, Conrad wrote a report for them (Public Record 74). The changes in Conrad seem to occur abruptly and shock Michelle.Told Dad I would put pan of mac and cheese away after commercial of basketball game. Conrad’s deterioration into antisocial attitudes is documented in the Facebook messages between himself and Michelle beginning July 16, 2012 and continuing into the end of 2013.Because states implement these tests differently, use caution when comparing this data to data from another state. We were one of the very first schools to have a one to one laptop program.BCLUW is in a small town so we are all very connected and the student/parent/teacher involvement is phenomenal.