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30 Oct

Ellis County Sheriffs Features a list of sheriffs of Ellis County, KS from 1867 to present day.

Franklin County Elected Sheriffs List of early sheriffs runs from 1859 to present.

Over 1000 years ago in England, the shire, was formed when groups of hundreds banded together. Just as each hundred was led by a reeve (chief), each shire had a reeve as well.

To distinguish the leader of a shire from the leader of a mere hundred, the more powerful official became known as the shire-reeve.

He was shown pictures of them pulling gun poses and talking about 'preparing for war' on a networking site.

Teacher Sonya Mc Nally, 35, from Grimsby, is also currently suspended on full pay since calling her 13-year-old pupils ‘bad’ in a private conversation on the social networking site.

'Cyber bullying is a worrying and fast growing trend which can be more harmful than typical schoolyard bullying.' Facebook is used by tens of millions of people across the world, but the way some users use the site has led to various dramas.

People have previously been jailed for harassment and stalking on social networking sites but she is thought to be the first to be jailed for bullying via the internet.

District Judge Bruce Morgan said: 'Since Emily Moore was 14 you have waged compelling threats and violent abuse towards her.

'Bullies are by their nature cowards, in school and society.

It has also been used to describe users, convinced their other half is cheating, who spend hours stalking their partner online in a bid the find further proof to fuel their suspicions, deliberately searching for incriminating evidence.

Facebook was also in the dock a fortnight ago after a judge banned a gang of thugs from posting menacing photographs of themselves online.