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05 May

I was finishing college and getting ready to move to New York permanently for work.

If you do the math, you’ll see you’re chances of being a homewrecker are close to 1 in 3! Sadly, another reason they can get away with this is because many women see the signs, but in their hearts, they just don’t want to believe them. Take a look around the place for signs of another woman. To verify his name, playfully show him your photo ID and ask to see his too.After the move we still were back and forth but he still did not want to commit.I told him after about a year and half of this not to call me or see me and we didn’t for about 2 months.Your impromptu call for a surprise date will go unanswered or it will be put off till later. (Every guy knows not to cancel on your birthday.) If your meetings always have to be prearranged and have strict time frames, this too is a bad sign. If you’ve come across any of these signs, you can bet he’s got a wife or other girlfriends. He might be able to explain away some of this sneaky, flaky, wacky and erratic behavior.Sign #9: Weird Phone Habits Sign #10: He Never Talks About His Family Or Prior Relationships He’s a blank slate with no past. Sign 13: He Immediately Takes A Shower When He Gets Home Some men just like being clean. But if you believe it all, perhaps you just don’t want to know the truth about him.