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04 Feb

In displacement of populations from areas affected by measles outbreaks, health authorities should consider vaccinating adults in routine and outbreak response activities.

In Dollo-Ado, 407 cases and 23 deaths (CFR, 5.7%) were reported.

Adults aged ≥15 years represented 178 cases (43.7%) and 6 deaths (26.0%).

The coordination role was taken jointly by the UNHCR and the Mo H in both countries and with the Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs in Ethiopia.

Australia could soon become the 23rd country in the world to legalise gay marriage.

The country is in the midst of a non-binding postal vote on the issue, which will conclude on November 7.

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Our chat is online 24/7 and we work hard to keep our chat site away from bots.and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.Anyone can join Facebook All that's needed to join Facebook is a valid email address.In some cases, however, content produced today will go out of date quickly.Speaking to journalists in New York, John Ging, from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said that situation in Somalia was “very fast moving” with more than 6.2 million people in need of food and water, and at risk for cholera and measles.“My overall impression of the response in Somalia is that the needs are moving very quickly, escalating, but the response is currently keeping pace with those needs.