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22 Dec

After a few rounds of the speed dating game, the butt tends to get numb and you start to feel like everyone is eyeing you, just sitting there at this table in a not-so-crowded nightclub. I would have liked to have the men sit at the tables for one round, while we roamed.-"The age DOES matter factor." OK. Even though I'm fine with not having a date every Saturday night, some of my friends and family members are making it their life's mission to find me a man and send me walking down the aisle.

While I appreciate the sentiment, I'm not a huge fan of blind dates.

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Quick dates are based on speed dating, a concept that began in Jewish circles a few years ago as a way for rabbis to help Jewish singles to meet. Here's how it goes: Held at either a local pub, restaurant or cafe, singles get to meet other eligible singles via three-minute "mini-dates." Guests register online, check in the night of the party and receive numbered nametags, special scorecards and seat assignments at one of many tables for two.Once guests enter their scorecard selections online, results can be received in just a few hours or less.Cupid.com/Quick Date e-mails each guest a list of participants who would like to hear from them again.Drawbacks of speed dating: -"The object on display factor." The women (all 16 of us) sat at tables marked with our number. That's part of the reason singles avoid the bar scene. Most obnoxious comment: Quite frankly, editors won't let me write the most obnoxious comment I heard that evening. "Well, you're at that age now when you must be thinking about finding a husband and having children." And the ever popular: "So, let's talk about something interesting ... I got 13 matches, including Nathan, who also picked Sandy. Speed-dating rating: B-Sandy Tomcho Dating history: I'm 27 years old and the epitome of a single girl.And we sat there waiting for the next man to come to us as if he was on a conveyor belt. Don't get me wrong, I've had a few relationships here and there but none have lasted for more than a few months.