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These results support the evidence that daily consumption of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of total cancer, and specifically cancers of the stomach, liver, and lung.Since the early 1980s, cancer has been the principal cause of death in Japanese men and women (Health Statistics Foundation, 2000).

A mail survey was carried out among the 55 650 LSS subjects who were alive as of 1 September 1978 (Radiation Effects Research Foundation, 1978), and of whom 40 349 persons completed the questionnaire (response rate of 72.5%).A test for trend was performed to assess statistical significance across exposure categories by including ordinal terms for each category of intake and entering the variable as a continuous term in the regression model.Lung cancer mortality risks were further stratified by sex and smoking status.Although the total cancer mortality rate in Japan is similar to that of other developed countries, mortality rates for specific cancers differ widely.For example, in 2000, the mortality rate for stomach cancer was several-fold higher in Japan (Japan M: 31.2 per 100 000 population; F: 13.8) than in the US (M: 4.5; F: 2.3) or the UK (M: 10.1; F: 4.8); conversely, female breast cancer was up to three-fold lower in Japan than in Western countries (Japan: 7.7; US: 21.2; UK: 26.8) (Ferlay et al, 2001).