Sqldatasource updating parameters rules of dating after the first date

03 Feb

CTLIB: ct_fetch may return incorrect status if an error is reported by the ASE when cursor rows are being fetched.This can lead to an 803 error being reported by the ASE and the client connection terminated.This SQLWarning, with SQLState 010P4, states that an output parameter was received and ignored.In applications that hit this condition a lot, the repeated creation of SQLWarnings can have a slight, but measurable, effect on performance.It is now.j TDS no longer hits a Class Cast Exception in the case where widetable is enabled and the client passes in a Srv Data Format object to the send Results (Srv Session, Srv Data Format [], Object [][]) method.

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CS_BEHAVIOR = CS_BEHAVIOR_120 implemented for isql. In OC 11.1.1 and 12.0 (prior to OC 12.0 EBF#15, see CR 291708) when using isql with "-w XX" parameter, data that was greater than XX did not wrap.

随着Sybase被完全整合到SAP下,Sybase原来的支持网站被SAP Support Portal取代。 只有购买了SAP服务的用户才能使用账号登录SAP Support Portal进行介质下载、补丁升级、报Incident等。 考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。 在SAP Support Portal网站或者google上搜索Targeted CR List for ASE,可以看到针对不同版本的CR(CR表示Change Request)简单描述信息列表。 需要注意的是:Targeted CR List for ASE列出的CR虽然绝大多数是BUG,但有一些是更改需求。 以下提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息! 不仅仅包括BUG的详细描述信息,还包括首次报告BUG的平台、数据库版本以及BUG修复历史过程;有些BUG还提供了Workaround来临时解决该BUG带来问题。 When executing remote procedure using "ctisql", an additional message (eg.

1 row affected) is printed while dbisql does not show this message. Presently not targeted for any future release of the product as changes between dblib and ctlib based isql are expected.

Added a connection property to disable performance-sapping SQLWarning creation.

When executing a stored procedure on the server with a Statement.execute() results-processing loop, clients who don't care to read the stored procedure's return status will cause j Connect to construct a SQLWarning.