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16 Jan

You should check with your booking agent as these allowances and charges do vary time to time.

Passengers are permitted to check one set of snow skiing equipment at a special charge equivalent to that of 3 kg of excess baggage at the applicable excess baggage charge regardless of its actual weight.

As Sri Lankan Airlines does not fly directly to the US or Canada, the Piece Concept is not applicable to Sri Lankan Airlines passengers.

However, if the itinerary includes onward journeys to the US or Canada on another carrier, passengers will be given the benefit of a two-piece baggage allowance out of Colombo provided you are through ticketed.

The policeman shakes his head and we quickly reverse before we get caught out for the cheapsters we are. Sri Lanka has surprised me a bit with the cost of things like food, accommodation, and drinks… But when it come to entrance tickets to popular tourist places – phwoar, that’s a whole other story! Sigiriya: US Polonnaruwa: Dambulla: If you’re in Sri Lanka for a limited time, as many people are, you might try to do all of these places in two days, which is possible.

Thinking quickly, the driver asks if this is the way to somewhere else. The real question is, why is Sri Lanka so expensive? I’m going to talk here just about the cost of visiting sights. There are several other major tourist sites in this part of the country and the entrance fees for them are as follows.

My driver slows the car to a halt and I wind down the window and stick my camera out. So why, you may be wondering, am I acting like a criminal while visiting it? In short, I didn’t think it was worth buying the ticket which gives me access to the ancient city.

This city was the religious and political capital of the country for about 1300 years from the 3rd century BC.

For Economy Class passenger, the weight should not exceed 10 kg.

Also, as a standard practice, each passenger may check one bag containing golf clubs and one pair golf shoes, weighing no more than 15 kg, at a special charge equivalent to that of 6 kg at the applicable excess baggage rate.