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19 Jul

The very fact that a submissive is agreeing to be restrained gives the top a considerable amount of responsibility; thus, dominant males who act responsibly go to great lengths to ascertain what a submissive woman does or doesn’t enjoy.A submissive woman, for example, might tell her dom that her fantasies involve being bound, gagged and spanked but not whipped—in which case, she won’t be whipped.But spend some time around the BDSM community, and one encounters plenty of submissive women who describe themselves as card-carrying feminists.A female submissive might be a corporate lawyer or an emergency room physician, or she might be signing a major book deal.I didn’t believe that feminism and BDSM were at all incompatible.” Another self-described feminist who is quite active in the BDSM community is California-based Mollena Williams, who has written and lectured about female submission extensively.Williams stressed that there is absolutely no contradiction between the fact that she is openly submissive and the fact that she describes herself as a feminist.The process of figuring out what your boundaries are—whether it’s by trial and error or fantasies—can be a confidence-building experience.It’s the opposite of passive, I would say.” Indeed, a considerable amount of negotiation inevitably occurs in BDSM relationships.

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“If you are a feminist and you tap into that as a submissive, it can be empowering—maybe not in a political way, but in a personal way.Rachel Kramer Bussel has also been doing her part to promote understanding of female submission.Bussel, a widely published sex writer and editor of two books on the subject of female submission has had much to say about her own experiences as a submissive.Being submissive can be less about kink and more about finding what turns you on—and that discovery process can be empowering.There’s a stereotype that being in a dominant/submissive relationship means that the submissive isn’t figuring out what she wants, but I think that negotiating the terms of the relationship and mutually figuring out what both of you want can be an empowering experience.