Teenagers often experience violence in dating relationships One on one sex online for free

30 Jan

Other terms include “intimate partner violence or abuse" and “teenage partner violence or abuse".What we know about teenage partner violence testifies to its serious consequences for the wellbeing of victims and their future life prospects.While less researched, it appears that parental neglect, especially lack of supervision and involvement/interest in their teenage children's lives, also has a negative impact on young people's vulnerability to partner violence (19), although what constitutes “neglect" for adolescents has still to be fully explored within the research literature.

Although a substantive body of UK evidence exists on adult women's, and to a lesser extent children's, experiences of domestic violence (1, 2), we know little about teenagers' own experiences of partner violence.Approximately 20 per cent of young women have experienced violence from a dating partner (10) and first episodes of violence frequently occur in adolescence (11).The NSPCC has tried to bridge this gap in the UK evidence-base in part through its 2009 paper Partner Exploitation and Violence in Teenage Intimate Relationships (12).More recently, intimate partner violence among young people has been highlighted as “an understudied area of maltreatment in the UK" and this omission has significantly hampered the development of theoretical understanding and effective prevention programmes (3).Given the understanding of adolescence as a critical developmental period and the substantial amount of research in relation to adolescence, it is surprising that so little is known about this social problem of violence in adolescent intimate relationships.