The tao of dating amazon

10 Apr

Joshua Pellicer is a guy who has a heavy background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has clearly read extensively on the subject of psychology.

This comes across clearly in the e-book, which is heavy on theory and discusses a lot of techniques that have their foundation rooted in NLP.

They are all well-known and were developed by other people, some of which are good and some I wouldn’t think of using myself.

As Dex falls in love with her, Sy appears immune to his charms and with good reason.

Tao of Badass covers a lot of the main concepts that are important to improving your success with women.

Explains important topics such as why women test men and the importance of gender roles really well.

Solid information on creating rapport and connections with women. The practical examples are not quite of the same standard as the theory and ideas presented.