Updating album covers in itunes

15 Dec

If you’re a subscriber to Apple Music, these changes should apply over the air.

But if not, just tether your i Phone to your computer or launch Wi-Fi sync and sync it with i Tunes.

To view the size options for the artwork window, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) and choose a size.

Once done, just close the artwork window to return to i Tunes.

For such cases, i Tunes lets you customize the artwork through the item's properties. Your operating system's file chooser will open, and let you pick a picture to use as artwork; note that i Tunes lets you paste a URL (Internet address) of an online image.

To import custom artwork, right-click or control-click on the item, and choose Get Info. i Tunes will the compress and resample the image with variable success; click OK to accept the new artwork.i Tunes also allows you to drag images from your computer or a web page.

If anything is missing or misspelled, i Tunes won’t find your artwork. A very simple software program called Tune Up works on both Mac and PC and can download missing album artwork for you.To widen the artwork/video viewer, hover above the border separating the artwork from the video listings until your cursor turns into a horizontal resizer, and drag the border leftwards (increase size) or rightwards (decrease).i Tunes lets you customize the artwork associated with a song, movie, TV show, audiobook or podcast.Click the arrow head to toggle between displaying Now Playing and Selected Item.Since you double-click on an item to play it, i Tunes will automatically display the item playing, regardless of the option you chose above (since a double-click also selects the item in question).