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26 Oct

Additionally, inserting data is prohibited for the following types of views: It is also possible to insert or update data through a view such that the data is no longer accessible via that view, unless the WITH CHECK OPTION has been specified.Almost any SQL that can be issued natively can be coded into a view; there are exceptions, however.There is no adequate rationale for enforcing a strict rule of one—view per base table for SQL Server application systems.

A view is basically the relational model's way of turning a SELECT statement into a "table" that is accessible using SQL. They can consist of any combination of the following: Views are defined using SQL and are represented internally to SQL Server by a SELECT statement, not by stored data.Sign in to purchase your Microsoft Official Learning Products. To request an account, please contact your regional service center.For courseware products on IT Service Management, Cyber Resilience, Project Management, Agile Methodology, and more, register on the Courseware Marketplace.A number of features on this site will not work properly with this browser.Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your currently used browser.