Updating your blu ray player

15 Jul

Restarted the modem & router, tried every port, wired and wifi, etc. Please try to connect only the player and check if the issue persists.The Blu-Ray player reaches the internet fine and can stream Pandora with no problems. I contacted Samsung Support - below is our "conversation": Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today. Visitor: Checking Visitor: Activating Netflix Visitor: Loading Visitor: "We're having trouble playing this title right now. Visitor: If I unplug the modem and router the device won't have internet and then no apps will work.So samsung pays shipping and you pay UPS to get it. This has been really frustrating, because I was really liking my Samsung home theater system until a few weeks ago. I could open the app, click on a movie, the movie would open, I'd click "play" and then the message "we cannot play this title right now, please choose another or try again later".

It freezes the entire unit up when netflix quits working.Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK56401095747XSimon: Hi, thanks for reaching out to Samsung tech support. Visitor: My BD-5300-ZA stopped playing netflix videos. Please try back later or pick a different title."Visitor: I've tried several titles. Visitor: I will also lose this chat connection Visitor: This is the only player in the house with a Netflix problem.From what I've gathered I need to downgrade the firmware back to the original version, but I can't find it anywhere. Simon: Please follow the instructions below to reset the smart hub to isolate the issue. Simon: Press the blue button the remote to open settings menu. Visitor: Same message Simon: Thanks for the information. Visitor: Setting up internet on unit Visitor: Internet is connected successfully. Simon: I understand, it means that to connect the modem, router with only player without any other sharing devices and check if the issue persists. Visitor: It seems to me that I've isolated the issue pretty far down the possibilities list. As we have done will all the steps except that I provided above. Once it is done, please get back to us, I will forward your concern. The next person to call, email or chat can now unequivocally respond to the lie "this is the first time we've received notice of this issue". It appears that the companies that are selling this are trying to avoid the longer conversation about this issue.Visitor: The internet is working, all the apps are working (even netflix) but when it attempts to play it suggests i try back later. Visitor: It was working fine until the last firmware update. Simon: Use the arrow keys to select the reset and press reset. Simon: Please follow the below instructions to reset the player to isolate the issue: Simon: With no disc in the player press and hold the Stop button on the front of your Blu-ray player for about 8 seconds or until the front display reads 'SETUP'. Visitor: Initial Setup Complete Visitor: Should I retry Netflix? You may disconnect the chat, please get back to us with the ticket ID: LTK56401095747X. Visitor: Apparently, from reading extensively about my challenge before contacting chat, there are plenty of other Samsung customers who have experienced the same problem. The problem presented immediately after firmware update. Simon: If the issue persists, I will forward your concern to the Samsung department. Visitor: I will go ahead and follow the instructions. Simon: Please get back to us if the issue persists with the ticket ID: LTK56401095747X, we are available 24/7. Sorry but until the makers get beat up enough I fear they will not share when there is a server or other issue.Visitor: Can you help me find old firmware versions? Simon: I understand that you are having issue with the Netflix.. 'Resetting all settings to default values...' is displayed on your TV screen as the Blu-ray player powers off and resets. Simon: Yes, please check and let me know the status. Visitor: I will, however I am 100% sure this is NOT a network problem. How long will someone be available today to respond on that ticket number? Just to be clear, once I've done that - if the issue isn't resolved the only step left is to "forward your concern to the Samsung department"? Bob We had gotten a ton of frustrated calls about Samsung players.