Validating time in javascript Skype xxx chat room

26 May

So how are regular expressions implemented in Java Script? 2) When you need to dynamically construct the regular expression, via the The Reg Exp() method allows you to dynamically construct the search pattern as a string, and is useful when the pattern is not known ahead of time.

To use regular expressions to validate a string you need to define a pattern string that represents the search criteria, then use a relevant string method to denote the action (ie: search, replace etc).

If you use the following script and Perl source you will know how to validate an entire form at once, displaying a series of error messages that your reader can then go back and fix.So far I have: var r = new Reg Exp(); // Create a new Regular Expression Objectr.compile ("^[00-99]:\] [00-59]"); var result = r.test(Value); if (result == true)else (result == false) Any help would be appreciated!When setting options via HTML attributes, remember to enable the validator by setting data-fv-date="true".Similar to my problem with converting a big chunk of validation into smaller chunks of functions I am trying to use Regular Expressions to handle the validation of many, many time fields in a flexible working time sheet.I have a set of Form Calc scripts to calculate the various values for days, hours and the gain/loss of hours over a four week period.