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24 Jul

You can see a representation of what your checkbook and a bank statement might look like -- Pain-free Bank Reconciliations - My Web CA, by David Trahair, C. You can install it in a toolbar menu, a toolbar button, or a right-click menu.

A., it is a Canadian site, but that was the easiest for me to find). The code for this macro will be with the code associated with rightclick page, but the coding below is relevant to material on the page you are currently viewing, as it is the same as the primary feature in insert rows and retain formulas. Mc Ritchie 2005-11-19 - '-- provide for in rightclick cell, row, and column commandbars Dim rng As Range 'prevent expansion of a single cell selection Set rng = Intersect(Selection, Selection. Used Range) If rng Is Nothing Then Msg Box "No constants in selection area(s) -- no removal" Else rng.

See also use of OFFSET in formulas which simplifies the insertion, and deletion of rows with the Insert Rows And Fill Formulas macro and allows you to sort the rows; whereas, sorting rows containing simple addition and subtraction of relative addresses would make a mess. Select End Sub Note that there is an optional parameter that can be used from another macro. Clear Contents on error goto 0 End Sub The following Worksheet Double Click Event Macro will copy formulas down from the last row, and increment the value in Column A of the last row by 7 days for the new row then place the cursor in the first empty cell of the new row.

Normally the dates in Column B are entered using the shortcut key for the current date [Ctrl semi-colon]. It would be best to keep the macro as is for general use, but when calling from a macro to have the calling macro include the number of rows to be inserted and no Msg Box. The last row is determined by having content in Column A.

Unfortunately you would not see both dates -- the date on your check and the date it cleared.

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lastrow 1 Then Exit Sub 'Row must be empty Rows(Target. For more information on why INTERSECT and how Special Cells are used in the following macros see comments with Proper_Case macro. Sub Insert Rows And Fill Formulas_caller() '-- this macro shows on Tools, Macro..., Macros (Alt F8) dialog Call Insert Rows And Fill Formulas End Sub Sub Insert Rows And Fill Formulas(Optional v Rows As Long = 0) ' Documented: Re: Insert Rows -- 1997/09/24 Mark Hill ' row selection based on active cell -- rev. Worksheet event macros are designed for a specific worksheet and only apply to the worksheet they are installed into. Examples change event, double-click, cell change, right-click.