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08 Nov

The JPY is not easy to get hold of as not many people seem to visit Japan?Do your homework in advance as you could wait about three weeks for your currency.I am feeling a lot better knowing that my second camera body is fitted with the latest technology as well as proven to be water resistant. I waited three weeks for my Visa and was very surprised to see that they gave me no extra days In their country.I am basically welcome in their country from the moment my flight touch down, till the moment my flight takes off for home again!!Just hope nothing happens to me whilst in their country!

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Enjoy this entire journey with me as we capture Japan’s incredible wildlife and landscapes spectacles.I will post images, share all trip preparation issues, various costs, camera equipment performance as well as ’behind the scene’ issues which is normally not made public with you daily as this journey unfolds.Although we were told that we will need about R10 000-00 for spending money, I prefer playing safe and cashed in R15 000-00 instead. All my clothes are packed out in the spare bedroom bed and I have ticked my checklist – everything is there and I am sure there is nothing I could still possibly need to stay warm and comfy.Here is a contact for you should you need currency: Caitlin Wood I have mixed feelings!! All my equipment has been cleaned, calibrated and checked!