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24 May

Husband appealed the case based on the trial court’s failure to find clear and convincing evidence that a denial of spousal support would constitute a manifest injustice. E.2d 912 (2002), and an award would not be disturbed absent an abuse of discretion, citing , 52 Va. The Virginia Court of Appeals resorted to a legal dictionary in ruling that a manifest injustice could not be speculative, citing Black’s Law Dictionary definition of “, obvious and observable…”. You should consult with your Virginia divorce attorney or Glen Allen divorce lawyer James H.

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2015) demonstrates, where the Virginia Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s reservation of spousal support as an abuse of discretion. At trial, wife and her paramour admitted to the adultery during the marriage. The court mentioned shared fault with respect to child custody in ways there were not favorable to wife, but did not compare the respective degrees of fault of the parties for spousal support. Husband complained about frequent arguments with wife, and an incident with wife locking him in the walk-in closet and threatening to call the police with a false report of family abuse. The trial court did not mention the two factors, any fact findings with respect to these factors, or wife’s burden of proving a manifest injustice by clear and convincing evidence.You can file a petition for separate maintenance even if you have no intention of later divorcing.If you and your spouse still get along well enough to negotiate and your desire to separate is mutual, West Virginia recognizes separation agreements.