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27 Oct

Any differences, therefore, are more practical than legal.

Medical staff should be aware of the obligation of confidentiality, which is central to medical practice, at all times; other people may not.

However, the act does not bar employers from asking whether a person is disabled once a provisional job offer has been made.

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where the Court of Appeal accepted that, in that particular case, it was in the public interest for a doctor to disclose details of an individual's health status to a third party.

In that instance, a consultant had disclosed to the Home Secretary his medical report on a patient who was seeking release from a mental hospital.

That medical report suggested that the patient may still have been dangerous and questioned whether he should be released.

Take, for example, the parent who does not disclose to a school that their child is HIV-positive.

First of all, there could be no possibility of liability unless there was a transmission, the chances of which are recognised as being exceptionally unlikely.