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27 Mar

So it seems that he enjoyed with his net worth and salary and company valuation as well.He can easily survive him and quickly fulfilled his needs.When an island romance develops, Johanna will struggle to decide whether to follow her heart or keep her eye on the prize.Bio: Never one to settle down, Johanna has been living in England because, as she puts it, "I love English accents and I love English boys!Money Won: ,000 Bio: After sharing the grand prize with her team on The Gauntlet III, Johanna is hoping to keep her winning streak going.Since breaking up with Real World roommate Wes, Johanna is single for the first time on a challenge and has every intention of enjoying herself.

He has never married, and also he hasn’t a wife yet.

None of this phased roommate Wes, who was smitten at first sight.

They were makeout buddies while in Austin, but it wasn't until they returned home that she really fell for him. Bio: Part of the Austin alliance that was quickly shown the door at Fresh Meat, Johanna returns, but this time without her boyfriend Wes.

Unpredictable and impulsive, Johanna is one to keep an eye on in The Ruins.

An American modern entrepreneur and the reality television personality Wes Bergmann was born in Kansa City, Missouri, United States of America.