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03 Sep

She creates a world simultaneously Jacobean and modern. The box office is offering half-price tickets to every show this weekend (which you can find more about through our Facebook page or Twitter @Antaeus Theater), but I’ll tell you the same thing I’m telling everyone; tickets are going to sell out soon.Her stage pictures are sumptuous tales in themselves.” –Dany Margolies, BACKSTAGE“It may have been written over 400 years ago, but this is a marvelous production of a seldom-seen classic work of theatre that despite its complex poetic language feels fresh, contemporary and accessible. We’ve only just opened, but we also only run for one more month (for now) and it’s an intimate theater, after all. They are rarely to be trusted as barometers of theatrical fitness, at any rate.) By the time previews were through, the majority of us knew the show was ready to open however many times it took.Each cast was allotted two openings: one for friends and family, and one gala benefit for company, board members, and donors.They’ve separated into two distinct cliques and drama is brewing.It’s not every theater company that faces the ordeal of opening night more than once; Antaeus is charged with that challenge all of four times (unless you count previews, in which case I’d call it a grand total of six).host Abby Lee Miller will be delayed further following her June 27 guilty plea after being indicted in October 2015 on 20 counts of fraud and a new charge this year of violating currency reporting laws. “Sentencing in the above captioned cases is tentatively set for Friday, December 2, 2016,” said U. Attorney David Hickton in paperwork (read it here) filed late last week in federal court in Pennsylvania.

It follows the adventures of the hilarious, fun-loving, self-accepting members of the Stepney Family as they pursue their dreams and navigate a world designed for thinner people.

The most recent approved travel order saw Miller in San Diego in September for host was said to have hidden more than 5,000 in earnings from the Lifetime reality series from the courts and the taxman while going through an almost-resolved bankruptcy.

As subsequent documentation revealed, Miller even had producers Collins Avenue Productions pay her mother fees that were due to her from the show to escape the notice of the courts.

Seuss), and now, not only is the play understandable, but they LIKE us!

Listen to this:“Elizabeth Swain takes the helm, panning through the impenetrable-on-the-page language to ensure all the actors—and the audience—understand every word and enjoy them.