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24 Apr

"My dream role is just to be like myself, [but in a role involving] action or basketball or fighting.

Not saying I like the fighting, but it would be a great experience for me to be able to do something out of the box that's still in my origin," the singer said.

It's really all about having fun and I think he displayed that today in a really positive way." "I didn't really give him any pointers, other than to do his thing," Houston added.

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ABC Family has been known to push the boundaries of family television, by airing shows like “The Secret Life of An American Teenager,” about a young high schooler faced with an unexpected pregnancy and “The Fosters” a blended family of foster kids, raised by a lesbian couple.We have Charles and Stacy going thru their little cheating thing he got going on. And Tasha & Jamal are trying to keep things fresh in their marriage cause they’ve been married for a while. The 16-year-old R&B phenom is guest-starring on UPN's "One on One" — which, incidentally, happens to be one of his favorite sitcoms — and he told MTV News backstage that he had some nerves to battle. There was some stumbling sometimes, but I got through it," Brown said of his cameo."Everybody does that and it gets easier [with each take]." In the episode, set to air in March, Brown tries to put the moves on a girl he spots at a party he just performed at, but he eventually gets turned down because of his age.