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07 Apr

From a Clan perspective, Crinan, the father of King Duncan, was lay abbot of Dunkeld, and was therefore likely of the kindred of St. However, once you get up to 37 markers and higher, you find your true matches.

At 67 markers, I have close matches with three Duncan’s.

Adamnan settled at the north end of Loch Tay in Glenlyon.

Adamnan brought Christianity to the area by establishing a settlement and chapel called “Brennudh” near the bridge of Balgie near Fortingall.

When Adamnan was dying, the people assembled to receive his blessing, and asked where he wished to be buried.

This burial site is said to be where the first Christian church in the area was built and looks south onto the River Tay as it flows into Loch Tay.When Kenneth Mc Alpine became king in 848 AD, he moved the college to his capital at Dunkeld.The Abthania (abbeylands) of Dull was part of the territory held by Crinan (father of King Duncan) as both the abbot of Dunkeld and as the secular leader of the area.The form of the lettering and Columban shape of the incised cross are all features connecting this slab with the historical and place name evidence of a Columban monastery.A story board about the excavation is located in the Clan Museum at Bruar.