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13 May

The following year, the Runaways released their sophomore effort, , which featured such tracks as "Born to Be Bad" and "Neon Angels." While the album performed poorly in the U.S., the Runaways received a warm welcome in Japan, scoring three gold records there.Moving to southern California, Jett began frequenting a popular youth club known as Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco.There, she found inspiration from the glam rock stars of the day. Rex," Jett explained to Jett started her musical career as a teenager, forming her first serious band, the Runaways, at the age of 15.The final line-up included Jett on guitar and vocals; Sandy West on drums; Cherie Currie on lead vocals; Jackie Fox on bass guitar; and Lita Ford on guitar.The band was ahead of its time in many ways, with its hard-rock sound emerging during an era when disco music was king.

Still, the song "Cherry Bomb," with its rebellious and raw edge, which Jett wrote with friend Kim Fowley, became a punk hit.

After Currie and Fox left in mid-1977, Jett emerged as the group's lead singer.

She was already a powerful force behind the scenes, writing most of the Runaways' songs.

She later told became a huge hit, driven in large part to the title track, which hit the top of the pop charts in early 1982.

She had two more hit singles that year with her version of Tommy James' "Crimson and Clover" and Gary Glitter's "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)." with Michael J. The film failed with critics and at the box office, but she had a minor hit with the theme song, a Bruce Springsteen cover.