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18 Feb

Storms took a third medical leave from February 16-July 24, 2017 and her character's absence was explained onscreen.

On May 18, 2018 it was announced that Storms would be temporarily replaced due to being sick, and that Molly Burnett will once again be her replacement.

This was only expected to be for a couple months, but had to be extended when Storms was not ready to return.

On January 9, 2012, it was announced that Kirsten Storms was expected to return to the screen in late February 2012. On May 29, Kirsten released a statement on Twitter saying that the reason she is taking a break from GH is due to skin issues (her skin is breaking out due to stress) that are getting hard to cover up.

The Spider-Man actress, 35, kept things simple, stepping out without a lick of make-up as she showed off her beautiful complexion.

Kirsten Dunst opted for a suitably casual look when she stepped out to do some grocery shopping in LA.

Her family rallied around her, and Mac even located her father, Frisco, and took him to be with his daughter. Although, Maxie and her younger sister, Georgie keep Frisco's last name they have always considered Mac to be their father.

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[...] And then I just remember sitting in my dressing room the next morning, having memorized 30 pages but being freaked out, and I remember thinking, 'There were two other girls at the callback, and I bet that they would want to do this role, and I don't know if I can do it, and I'm so scared.' I'm sitting in my dressing room sweating, and I remember thinking, 'I should go up to casting and just tell them to give it to one of the other girls, because I don't know if I can do this.' And then I Googled it, and it was all over Google that I was the replacement, and I was like, 'Oh God, I'm stuck! Maxie Jones was born on Halloween night in 1990 while her mother, Felicia, was stuck in her apartment window, dressed as a clown.

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For an eleven-month stint (from September 2011-August 2012) the role was temporarily portrayed by actress Jen Lilley, when Storms took medical leave.

The role of Maxie was also briefly portrayed by actress Molly Burnett from July 5-29, 2016, when Storms took another medical leave.