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23 Oct

I would think they don't really hate them but aren't really big fans. Yes mcfly are coming down to Plymouth again to meet Tina oxnam ,40 with a learning disability, and they know tht Tina will proberly scream with delight to them, and yes harry did enjoy being stabbed in the heart with a guitar stake infact he never felt a fang Yes he is a father! Though they may not have been born yet, they will be some day and when that day comes Tom will be a father. This gives them less to "feed on," and over time, if you can keep the consistency, they should go away.

So the answer to your question is yes, even if not yet.. Giovanna Falcone (his gf) isn't pregnant either at this moment in sister is 14 or 15 i think so that age would like dating her well he's 20, so it can't be that far away from that i would bet. Block emails and do not return phone calls or talk about them with anyone. No Harry and dougie both lived in Essex but didn't go to the same school Tom went to school in London Danny went to school in Bolton Harry went to school with Charlie Simpson though and Tom went to school with Amy Whinehouse. As they have a new album, they said that they really want to tour around the world. He admitted a couple of years ago, that he lost it when he was 15.

They consist of Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. Well there's the one they did with Busted when they were the supporting act. Danny: Danny enjoys playing football, he used to enjoy cooking, clubbing, writing music, playing the X Box 360 and spending time with friends..

This category contains questions relating to lives and music, including their six-part documentary 'Mc Fly on the Wall.'Danny is dating Alice Spooner from Hadouken! Yeah ^^ his a lefty =D but it is easier to play guitar right handed which is why he does play right handed.

Tom has a girlfriend called Giovanna - they've been together since they were in high school Harry has a girlfriend called Izzy - they've been together about two years Dougie Poynter is dating no-one. he does everything left handed, except play guitar, he does that right handed The Jonas Brothers are fans of Mc Fly but I'm sure Mc Fly likes them too..

The Jonai say that they are fans of Mc Fly and they "influence them" but Mc Fly have never admitted to being fans. Give them the minimal amount of attention and keep repeating simply that you are not interested.

I understand it was Tom he wanted to talk to rather than a lowly drama student, but some manners wouldn’t have gone amiss.

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It will be on his twitter page somewhere but im not going to go through that! Talk about cutting to the chase, and getting down to the important stuff. The simplest and most effective remedy is also the MOST difficult to actually do.

quickly) people I don’t know have asked about Tom’s fidelity when I’m not glued to his side.

I couldn’t imagine asking anyone if they worried about their partners cheating – it would be rude – yet there seems to be no filter.

I was constantly assuring them that I was, in fact, dating him – I wasn’t just a crazy stalker!

Back then, the world of social media was very new, but there was a fan site dedicated to the boys, which I ill-advisedly decided to look at.